Good evening Tactical Network!
Today is the day we make the announcement you have all been waiting for. There is much to be discussed and much more to come. Please be patient and stay tuned for the revolution of a lifetime.

The Past
Tactical Network as a whole has made a huge leap from where we first started. At the beginning there was a single server, with a single name, and a single man. Budgets were low, population was low, and the experience wasn't that great. Yes, we have made progress, much so that we renamed the community from Deadeye Gaming to Tactical Network. From that point, we grew quicker than ever. We came out with a new name, server, website, staff, etc. Now with the passage of time, staff has faded, servers have faded, members have faded, and now.. the community has faded.

The Present
As many of you might have heard, we're planning some events to revolutionize this community. Now that is only half true. We're taking steps to revolutionize the cyber world as a whole. As of this moment, we're searching for people who are dedicated and willing enough to take on precious and important tasks. Once we gain those people, once we organize those people, once those people take their first step into our world... the future will come sooner than you will expect.

The Future
Now for the news you are most excited for. We're taking a new step, but in a completely new direction. Tactical Network is no longer going to be it's own entity. The community is going to be a sub-entity instead. Which means, this organization is going to be alongside another. Although not in the way you may expect. Staff in this community will remain in control and this community will stick to...